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General Stucco Inspection

General Stucco Inspection

A proper stucco inspection is to find out what is happening behind the surface to the sheathing and even the frame of the property in the drywall of the interior. How low has it been leaking and what is the extent of the damage.

A Two pin probe is inserted and the stucco is drilled into the sheathing. A special moisture meter is used and may give a reading with the two-point probe. This will give you a percentage of water from the reading. The standards are if under 15 % it is considered dry – 15 to 19% elevated and over 20 percent you have a problem. Occasionally failed or soft substrate may be detected and indicates there is a failure in your existing stucco.

Inspecting StuccoOn this page you see holes that have been drilled and the use of a probe to determine whether or not there is a substrate failure.

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