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Stucco Inspection for sellers

Montgomery, PA Stucco Inspection for sellers

Before you even list your home to sell you should have a Stucco Inspection!
The benefit of having a stucco inspection prior to listing your home is if there is a problem it gives you the time to correct the issue. In addition, if there is a clean bill of health on the inspection the home may be advertised as such and you have the report in hand. If all corrections are made and the report shows that you are able to get top dollar for your home much quicker. If you do the repairs it will certainly be less expensive than any money that may be held in escrow or a contractor of the buyers choosing. It is always much cleaner to sell a property without any question of the state of the stucco and the peace of mind is certainly worth it to you the seller knowing all is well. For the potential buyer, they may not even consider your home without a report and you would never know why. The intelligent way is to be proactive and get it all out there in the open and if needed fix anything that needs remediation before you put your property on the market.

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